Higas owns the coastal methane gas (LNG) storage facility in the Gulf of Oristano and continues to invest in Sardinia. We are part of the Avenir LNG Group, a global liquefied natural gas supply company, owner of a fleet of 6 methane vessels.

LNG is a responsible and eco-sustainable energy alternative.

The LNG supplied by Higas is a conscious choice for those looking for optimal performance in terms of high energy efficiency, reliable power and uncompromising efficiency. Thanks to its high-quality composition and advanced production methods, Higas LNG represents a state-of-the-art energy solution that maximizes the responsible and sustainable use of natural resources.

More convenient

Compared to diesel, it is cost-effective with a saving of 38%.


Zero particulate matter and CO2 emissions reduced by 25%.

The right alternative

An important energy alternative accessible to all.


A direct control over logistics, with greater flexibility in the management of requests.


Possibility of bunkering for passing ships.

Leader in the development of the global small-scale LNG market

Avenir LNG is a global, fully integrated, leading brand in the supply of small-scale LNG to customers around the world. Its mission is to provide a sustainable energy alternative for the off-grid industry, ensuring a reliable and secure supply of LNG.

  • Supplies to businesses, operators and public transport

  • Sustainable design and financing solutions

  • Consulting on the ecological transition

Easy and Faster

Book your cargo online with MetaHub!

MetaHub is Higas’ exclusive platform specifically designed to simplify and optimize the cargo booking process.

Thanks to its innovative, intuitive and user-friendly nature, MetaHub offers a state-of-the-art experience to efficiently and cost-effectively manage load requests. With MetaHub, Higas customers have access to an easy-to-use interface tailored to their needs.

Best solutions

Contribuisci ora alla salvaguardia dell’ambiente

Contribute now to the protection of the environment LNG is a clean energy, with no health impacts and significant reductions in pollution.

With its high calorific value, it is suitable for high energy requirements and can be easily stored due to its density.

The cleanest, lowest-emission, non-toxic fuel.
Reduction of nitric oxide emissions

Reduction of nitric oxide emissions


Reduction of carbon monoxide emissions


Reduction of particulate matter


Reduction of greenhouse gases


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